Providing good vibes...

DJ | Promotion | Event Coordinator

GIBBS first set his paws on turntables around 2011 and immediately loved the feeling of pure zen while behind the decks. Since then he’s never snubbed an opportunity to make the crowd groove. Clubs, festivals, house parties, and community events; no gig is off limits. While pure House may describe his overall sound, Disco, Diva, and Deep always make an appearance!

Lately GIBBS has been expanding his soundscape, dipping into dark pounding Techno and even dabbling in the meditative sounds of world/multicultural music.

Through this sonic journey there is just one constant, a love for music and community alike. Peak your ears and move your feet, come say hello and he'll drop you a beat.

As the music scene in Central Arkansas is slowing down, GIBBS took this as a chance to start it back up by organizing his own events and be an MC while giving young DJs a chance to play for the crowd.